Ms. Tracy Rafter, CEO

details… (flexible)

Through high level analysis, I have considered various moving parts within the business challenge and understand it is critical for BizFed business, now & ahead, that this model provide incredible functionality/relevance with regard to:

i. Scalability with clear Vision for Growth for BizFed model/(s) – now/(future),
ii. Identify the Best in Class SMN components,
iii. Create strong Branding | Corporate Identity | SEO Coding Schema,
iv. Implement consistent Image Continuity across ALL SMN channels,
v. Provide methodology to ‘Bring On Board’ 88 Cities & Countless Business Constituents,
vi. Content Dissemination various method/degree of delivery through…
vii. Action Alerts | Events | Details in Snapshot|Quick Read|Full Document|Video
viii. Reminder Solutions for Action Alert Respondees,
ix. Key SMN Metrics of 1st Level Client + Constituent Participation,
x. Method of Reporting.

simplyMy carefully measured conclusion to a complex web of Social Media Network|Creative integration(s) for BizFed is: ~ Bring me aboard on a full time/Contract basis as your: ~ National Digital / Multimedia Communications Director.

All details flexible, basically I can come aboard working remotely or onsite for BizFed 80% of the time and for other entities the other 20%. Again, I am flexible with this ratio and feel strongly that you need least 1-3 months to bring this plan to fruition on ‘Phase I’ of your current business model. I realize that there is projected growth into other markets and therefore I can forge further need for my service if all is agreeable. Or, I can hand-off management to a full time BizFed employee…or (open)?

Thanks Tracy,

Vincent Medina ~1

310 251 9728

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